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My story

Since the last 8 years my search for living something where for my heart starts beating faster has lead me to where I am today. For some time now I feel I’m living from my creative heart and it’s liberating to share this with you! Art and dance has always played a big role in my life. These were the things that would make me feel better by going through challenging times. It brings me healing and from there even more creation flows. 


As for the Orgonites, this was love at first sight. I had seen some beautiful Orgonites in a store and my intuition knew, I have to dive into this. I have studied and learned the healing power that Orgonites have and this got me very excited. It’s now not only a beautiful piece of art, but It’s a piece everyone should have in their homes for their health!! The journey in creating Orgonites so far has brought my lots of joy, healing and I have learned a lot. I hope by spreading my passion about these amazing creations I get to continue making them and share as many I can with you!


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